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How much compensation?

The payment made by the employer in settlement of the employee’s claims is referred to as a compensation payment, a severance payment or a termination payment.

The appropriate amount of compensation will relate to the merits of the employee’s legal claims and the damages that the courts may award if the employee is successful. Every situation is distinct. Legal advisers to both parties should identify the relevant legal claims and provide their client with guidance as to the appropriate amount of compensation.

The law also provides for confidentiality around settlement in non-dispute situations (in so far as this relates to unfair dismissal). The ACAS Code of Practice and accompanying Guidance identifies how these consensual arrangements can come about.

The offer of settlement made by the employer to the employee is recorded in the settlement agreement.

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Employee to take advice

There is a legal requirement that the employee receives advice from a relevant independent adviser, such as a solicitor.

The employee will want to understand the merits of their legal claims and the approximate value of the damages a court may award. With this information the employee can assess whether the compensation payment offered by the employer is worth accepting.

The independent adviser also needs to explain the terms in the settlement agreement.

If the employee decides to accept the settlement offer, then the adviser will negotiate with the employer to get the best deal.

Consult the rest of our guide for information on what a settlement agreement is and how much compensation.

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When are they used? What is in them? Use our guide to understand more about settlement agreements

Depends on a variety of factors. We will advise about the particulars of your situation and explain how much compensation is appropriate

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We seek to address your legal needs in a way that suits you. For certain matters we can offer a fixed fee arrangement. Learn more about costs with Aeon settlements

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